Playa del Carmen, pt. 1/2

I guess this is the part where I attempt to explain the sheer raging madness that is Playa del Carmen…without incriminating myself?

I arrived in Playa on December 30 with a plan. Traveling alone, I essentially had 24 hours to implement some sort of epic New Years attack. Using only my charm and willpower, I was determined to go all out. 

As luck would have it, immediately upon arriving to my hostel in Playa from the airport in Cancun, I discovered that I was rooming with not one but two like-minded Brazilian boys.

Guilherme & William 

First glimpse of the mean streets of Playa 

Electro club Dolores, where I ended up every night 

Brasileiros fazem melhor

Thanks to a plethora of mescal shots, I ended up in bed till 4pm the next day. And when I got up, it was only for this… 

Recovery quesadilla 

…then back to bed until 7pm. 

At some point that day, a couple of Peruvian girls had checked in and were rooming with us as well. They had just arrived from California & New York and expressed a desire to hit the town. It was New Year’s Eve, after all. I, being the experienced resident, offered to give them a tour of what I’d seen the night before. 

First stop: Playa’s iconic Portal Maya monument 

Confetti at midnight 

Happy New Year from Stephanie, Karen, & Mad 

We spent a big chunk of our evening at Dolores, partly because we liked the music, and partly because the streets were insane and every time we tried to leave, we gave up and went back in. 

Dolores, again 

Madness on the streets of Playa  

Mad overlooking the madness 

Finally around 3:30am, the streets cleared enough for us to attempt a venture out. I thought maybe my Peruanas were going to tap out, but oh no–“The plan is to watch the sunrise at the beach,” Stephanie assured me.  

“I need Latin music!” cried Karen. 

Before I knew it, we were pounding Fireball shots… 

…and I was swept off my feet by a fun Argentine named Facundo. ¡Facundo! No photos, please. 

We eventually made our way to the beach, which was packed even at 6am. However, we spontaneously decided to get tortas and watch the sunrise from the comfort of our hostel’s balcony. 

Happy New Year, World 

Making 7am look good 

If you’re wondering what I look like after partying all night, well here it is: 


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