Playa del Carmen, pt. 2/2

On New Years Day, the Peruanas and I dragged ourselves out of bed around 2pm and went straight to eat. 


Tacos al pastores y arracheras 

We made it to the beach by 4pm, accompanied by our Brazilian friend William. 

William, Mad, Stephanie, Karen 

Happy feet 

Playa del Carmen in the late afternoon 

Of course, we woke up that day saying, “We need a quiet night.” Especially me, who had been out late and crazy two nights in a row. But as the day wore on, it was suggested that we at least “go to dinner and check out the vibe…see if anything is going on.” Which is what let to the craziest night of my Mexican vacation. 

Beginning of the night selfie – business as usual 

Club Abolengo, where they pile glasses high and then light them up. Quite the spectacle. 

The Peruanas and I hopped from spot to spot, drinking and dancing the night away. I met a cute Mexican boy named Carlos… 

…and then turned around and met this motherfucker:

His name was Alan, originally from Guadalajara, now living in Playa, and his friends were friends with my friends. We all ended up at a remote beach in the wee hours. 

Just another sunrise over Playa 

Sunrise with Alan 

Pimp face at dawn 

We got home at 10am, slept till 2pm, then hit the beach. Much to our dismay, it was lousy, cloudy weather. 

When it started to rain, we found a beach bar that had swings in lieu of seats. I ordered a Michelada.  

That evening – same thing – “Let’s have a quiet night…” “Let’s just see what the vibe is…” And before you know it, we were back on the town. 

Beginning of the night selfies 

Fourth night at Dolores – found some Uruguayans 

3am pizza break 

I never said I was classy 

Recovery chilaquiles rojos con pollo y huevo & agua de piña  

Karen & I at the beach – we lost one 

Glowing so hard 

In a nutshell, what happened next is that I went to Tulum, but didn’t see or do anything interesting there, except for spend time with my dear Elena from Antigua. 

My days in Mexico were numbered. Alan came to visit me in Tulum the next day, and we had a great time, all lovey dovey, all the way back to Playa. All of a sudden, while dancing back at Dolores, my phone was gone, Stephanie’s phone was gone, and Alan and his friend were gone. Steph and I were devastated that our phones had been stolen, and my feelings were very hurt. However once we both got home safely and easily replaced our phones, we chalked it up to a learning experience. It was a stark reminder to never let our guard down.


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