Home Mad vs. Travel Mad

I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like a different (better?) person when I travel. For someone who, in my day-to-day life is a non-stop planner (control freak?) with an endless to-do list, it’s a relief to be forced to slow down and just focus on whatever is immediately in front of me. I have time to stare out of windows, to daydream, to process, and to stop worrying so much about stuff like cleaning the house, entertaining the dog, and whether or not my eyebrows are even (spoiler alert: they never are). 

With these alternate realities in mind, I came up with a list of some of the ways “Home Madeleine” is different from “Travel Madeleine”: 


Home Mad: 5-6 hours/night maximum
Travel Mad: 9-10 hours/night minimum 

Beauty Routine

Home Mad: 2+ hour ordeal. Nails on fleek. Bangs on fleek. Lashes on fleek. Eyebrows on fleek. 

Travel Mad: 30-60 sweaty minutes. Nails breaking constantly. Eyebrows still on fleek.


Home Mad: carefully planned meals supplemented with small, protein rich snacks every 2-3 hours 

Travel Mad: whatever is available when the tummy gets rumbly. Lime over everything!


Home Mad: wine wine vodka wine 

Travel Mad: tequila fireball tequila fireball 


Home Mad: 50-90 minutes, 4-6 days/week

Travel Mad: takes the stairs 

Weekend Turn-Up

Home Mad: Netflix & chills with the dog

Travel Mad: rages till dawn 

Love Life

Home Mad: famine 

Travel Mad: feast

Free Time

Home Mad: cleans the floors 

Travel Mad: blogs!

* * *

The couch = my happy place at home 


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